How Do I Become a Popular YouTube Beauty Guru?

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You may have dreams of YouTube stardom and becoming the next Huda Beauty, Asian Beauty Secrets, or Sephora. We’re not in the business of dream crushing; however, there are some tips and tricks you should know in order to achieve YouTube success:

YouTube Beauty Guru Tips

1. Be yourself!

Yes, this sounds very cliche. The truth is beauty gurus are a dime a dozen these days. In order to stand out from the crowd, it is important to embrace your individuality! There will never be another Blair Fowler, so it’s time to try being someone new yourself! Viewers can tell if you are genuinely being yourself or playing a part. It may be a lot more obvious than you realize.

2. Have a variety of videos

Nobody wants to see a bunch of tag videos or Q & A videos time and time again. Try to mix it up and add a little variety to your channel. If you do a tag video one day, why not try a DIY or a haul video next? This will keep your channel fresh and exciting.

Youtube: Minimize Sponsored Videos

3. Minimize blatant sponsored videos

The money can be very enticing; however, you will lose your credibility with your viewers if everything on your channel sounds like a commercial. Try to minimize the amount of sponsored videos on your channel and give honest reviews, good or bad.

4. Stay out of the drama!

Many beauty gurus on YouTube are very young, and do not really know how to properly handle negativity or criticism. There will be those viewers who comment offering genuine advice or tips. Unfortunately, there are also many “haters” on YouTube that will have nothing but negative, cruel, and hurtful things to say. Your best bet is to ignore the haters and take the high road. You will look mature and gain the respect of your supportive viewers. In our opinion, Macbarbie07 is an expert at handling negativity with class!

5. Upload frequently

It’s quite simple: the more videos you have, the greater chance your videos have to be viewed! Upload frequently, but make sure you make high quality videos every time. If you must sacrifice a few days of uploading for the sake of quality, that is okay! Just make sure to not neglect your channel for months at a time.

6. Do not comment spam!

Youtube: Stop Comment Spam

How many times have your read “Hey guys I know these comments are super annoying, but I’m just starting out and would love for you to check out my channel!” Obviously, these comments are quite obnoxious and will really hurt your reputation on YouTube right off the bat.

7. Make high quality videos with good content

This goes hand and hand with number five. It is important to upload videos often, but it is also important to make good quality videos with strong content. Invest in a good camera and editing software as this will really increase the amount of viewers over time. Make sure your videos have useful information, and not just a carbon copy of a video you’ve seen.

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