What is hair serum

What Is A Hair Serum? How To Apply Hair serum For Long And Shiny Hair

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Today I am going to talk you about a holy grail product. Hair serum and how to use it perfectly. Now I always had thick hair, and a hair serum has been my go to through all these years. Now a hair serum can instantly transform dull, dry tresses into beautiful silky and smooth hair so if you want to know everything about a hair serum right from the what, when, where, stay tuned.

What Is A Hair Serum?

hair serum reduce any fizzinessI suggest grab a snack or a glass of water because hydration is key and let’s dive right in. Now everybody talks a lot about you know the different benefits of using a hair serum. But do we actually know what it does and how it works?

A hair serum is a silicon based liquid that performs a protective layer around our hair stands. It acts a barrier against any heat and dirt and also helps tame our hair and reduce any fizziness. The liquid nature of the serum makes your hair really smooth , shiny and manageable and also prevents from any sort of knotting or tangling. So to enjoy the maximum benefit of a serum You need to to understand the proper way of using it. and that’s exactly what I’m going to show you.

How to Choose Right Serum

So before we talk about how to use a hair serum, what’s really important is to pick the right product, which means you need to try a couple of hair serums before finding what’s best for you. Now after a lot of trail and error I have settled for this products which is Vince Re-Alive hair serum.

Hair serum Vince Re-Alive hair serum

If you actually look at my hair it’s not that dry but especially when I come out of the shower the ends you know of my hair tend to be very dry and lifeless and hence this formula works really well because it’s light-weight and helps control frizz and flyaway with an ultra smooth shine which is what I look for in a hair serum.

Now after picking the right product the second step is to wash your hair before applying a hair serum because the whole point of adding this product in your haircare routine is to actually protect it against any harmful substances in the environment. Applying a serum on unwashed hair. Which actually contains you know oil, dirt and pollutants defeats the entire purpose. so make sure to thoroughly shampoo your hair and follow it up with a conditioner that you usually use, after which you can apply the hair serum on towel-dried or damp hair. Now moving on to the third step that is the final serum application.

How to apply Hair Serum

Hair serum take 6 to 8 drops rub it properly on both your palmsNow if you hair like mine which is like mid-length and thick. I suggest take 6 to 8 drops rub it properly on both your palms to mix it well. and what you need to keep in mind is to section your hair at all points of time and then apply little by little
on different sections so that you cover all the hair. Apply it on the hair starting from the tips and then going upwards.
Don’t go beyond your mid section and stay away from the roots as it will make your scalp look oily and greasy. Massage the tips, it work well on split ends.

Take all your hair back and apply a few more drops all over the hair for efficient application also if you have very thin hair make sure not to apply too much of the product as it will make your hair look excessively greasy and limp.

Another thing which I love about this serum is that you can actually use it as a heat protectant, For example you want to blow dry your hair you want to curl it ,you want to straight it just apply this serum and then use your heat styling tools.
So now that i am done with the serum application i want to share with you just two more tips so that you can make the most of your serum. The first one is always brush your hair gently to remove any knots or tangles after applying the serum, but
something which you need to keep in mind is that you don’t start from root to tips.

You actually brush the roots gently first and then move on the rest of your hair. The second thing is you should always blow dry your hair to ensure that any dirt or dust particles find it harder to stick to your hair and the scalp after you have applied the serum.


Can I use hair serum daily?

Can We Daily Apply Hair Serum? For daily use, serums are not advised by haircare professionals. Use serums only on special occasions and days when you wash your hair. However, you can also use an oil-based serum daily if your hair is particularly unruly and frizzy.

Is hair serum same as hair oil?

Are Hair Serum And Hair Oil the Same Thing? No. Hair oil is primarily used to feed and enhance the health of your hair, whilst hair serum is a style product that smoothest and adds shine to your hair.

Is serum necessary for hair?

Your hair can benefit from hair serum in a number of different ways. Your natural texture can be enhanced, gloss added, and frizz reduced depending on the type of serum you use. Additionally, it can maintain your hair healthy by preventing damage.

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