Allergy Symptoms

Useful Tips to Hide Allergy Symptoms

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It’s that point of year, the trees are blossoming, flowers are blooming and pollen is everywhere, it also means allergy season has arrived. While a lush landscape is gorgeous to seem at (and appreciated after an extended winter). Fear not, we’ve some beauty hacks to assist you hide allergy symptoms on your face. So, you’ll look your best, even once you might not feel it.

How to Hide Allergy Symptoms with Makeup


Many people are suffering from seasonal allergies and symptoms vary from person to person, a number of us sneeze more often, while others find yourself with more severe symptoms like red, itchy eyes; nasal congestion; a runny nose; then far more . Two of the foremost common side effects as a results of our allergy symptoms are redness and inflammation. So, we’re getting to share a couple of recommendations on the way to conceal those without much effort.

Hiding Redness

Allergy Symptoms: Gold Toned Base

Choose a gold-toned base:

Yellow is that the best shade to paint correct redness within the skin, so when disguising a red under-eye area or a red nose, we recommend choosing a foundation with more yellow/gold pigment like BB6 Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream or Warm Sienna Pure Pressed Base Mineral Foundation.

Try blue eye makeup: 

Allergy Symptoms: Use Blue Eye Makeup

When the whites of our eyes start to seem red, we wish to trade our black or brown eyeliners for our Midnight Blue Eye Pencil. Wearing blue eye makeup is analogous to wearing lipstick with blue undertones, the sapphire shade helps counteract the red and whiten the world near it. we all know blue eye makeup could seem a touch scary, so read the following pointers on how real women wear blue on their eyes.

Dazzle and distract:

If you’ve got a touch redness around your nose, distract from the affected area by wearing a shimmery PureGloss Lip Gloss on your lips. May we propose a vibrant pink shade like Blossom?

Allergy Symptoms: Beauty Prep Face Cleanser

Switch to a mild cleanser:

If your skin is red, there is a good chance it also feels sensitive, so replace your cleanser with something that’s gentler, sort of a micellar water. Beauty Prep Face Cleanser may be a micellar water formula that also includes Cucumber Extract for added soothing properties.

Allergy Symptoms: Use Golden Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen

Use products that soothe:

When our skin is both red and irritated, we use Golden Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen. This feeds two birds with one scone by counteracting the redness with a golden powder and soothing our skin with ingredients like Montmorillonite. It also features a third advantage of SPF 30 sun protection!

Decreasing Inflammation

Get cold as ice: Allergies can cause you to possess a puffy face or eyes, so as soon as you awaken , reduce swelling by rubbing an cube (or an ice pack) under your eyes and on your face.

Allergy Symptoms: Use Spa Water

Drink some “spa water”: When we’re puffy everywhere , we wish to add a touch lemon or cucumber to our water throughout the day, it helps to flush your system and reduce bloating.

Highlight the proper spots: When our under-eye area may be a little puffy, we never highlight or add light concealer “on the puff.” We recommend applying highlighter or concealer less than the inflamed area, “below the orbital bone.” this may reduce the shadow caused by puffiness, helping to form your under-eye area appear as if it’s completely flat.

Allergy Symptoms: Retractable Brow Pencil for Brow

Define your brow: the only thanks to draw attention from puffy eyes is to stress another area of your face. We recommend using our Retractable Brow Pencil to fill and define your brow in seconds.

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