Top 10 Lifestyle Habits for Beautiful Skin

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Most skin care authorities that would agree that our skin habit is a direct reflection of the health of our inner landscape. The other factors at play are the effects of our environment, topical skin care habits, and of course, genetics. But I believe that our diet and lifestyle is the one facet that we have the most control over and that will produce the most profound results with regards to our skin. 

Top 10 Lifestyle Habits

Here is a list of the top ten lifestyle habits to integrate into our lives that will help to create healthy, glowing skin from head to toe!

Top 10 Lifestyle Habits: Eat Well

One –  Eat Well

Eating a simple, clean diet is so important for the health of our bodies, including our mental health, and in effect, our skin. Choose foods that have not been processed and are not man-made. Fresh fish, vegetables and an abundance of raw fruits and greens make us look and feel amazing.

Top 10 Lifestyle Habits: Have Fun

Two – Have Fun 

Balance is key!  Life is to be enjoyed and laughing and playing is not just for kids. Try having a some amount of ‘fun’ each and every day. Isn’t this why most of us work, so we can have more fun. Induce a sense of humor as often as possible to keep things light and in perspective. 

Top 10 Lifestyle Habits: Hydrate

Three – Hydrate 

Pretty basic idea that is an oldie but a goodie. Make it happen.  Avoid drinking with meals. Sip instead of gulp. Consider the best quality water you can afford. You’re worth it and you’re skin will appreciate it.

Four – Exercise

Top 10 Lifestyle Habits: Exercise

Another oldie but goodie. Find something you truly enjoy. It all works – dancing, walking, swimming, gardening, hiking. Recruiting a partner can double the fun factor.  

Five – Give

Top 10 Lifestyle Habits: Giving to others

There is much scientific proof that the side effects of ‘giving’ to others is giving to ourselves. Doing volunteer work or giving regularly to charitable organizations has a very positive effect on our mental and physical body. This is not a reason to be generous with our time or money but simply a beautiful fact within the gesture.

Six – Do What You Love

Top 10 Lifestyle Habits: Do what you Love

I’m not necessarily suggesting quit your job and go live on the beach in Hawaii, however, there really are no limits with this one.  We all need at least one thing in our lives that we are truly passionate about, something that transcends time and money – mentoring, a charity, a project, a garden, a hobby! 

Seven – Sleep

Top 10 Lifestyle Habits: Sleep well

Sleep is great. The benefits of quality sleep are so abundant.  I believe the quantity varies from one person to the next, however, the average number is six hours. Try to ensure complete darkness in a clean room with fresh air. Upon awakening decide to make the first thought a happy one. If this doesn’t come naturally, fake it till you make it a habit.

Eight – Sunshine

Top 10 Lifestyle Habits: Sunshine

The sun is our friend and, in moderation, it can be the simplest and least expensive health ally ever. If you’re out for more than a few minutes at a time a quality sunscreen is advised.  We still get plenty of Vitamin D and all the other wonderful things from the sun through our eyes and scalp.

Nine – Don’t fall asleep at the wheel

Sometimes we get caught up in the day to day and lose sight of the big picture of our lives. Months may pass by and suddenly we take notice that some things have gotten out of balance. We need to stay in touch with our goals and dreams. It’s helpful to make it a regular practice to check in and see what needs our attention the most. If there is an area of our lives that has been suffering we can take action. One step at a time in the direction that feels right. Walking, laying in the grass, meditating, whatever creates the space for us to survey what we’re manifesting.

Top 10 Lifestyle Habits: Friends and Family

Ten – Friends and Family

According to many global studies, this is the most important thing in life contributing to our overall fulfillment and happiness in life. Love is the best. 

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