Oxygen Treatment

Oxygen Treatments:

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Oxygen treatments have emerged in the last few years as the newly recognized skin care essential. From oxygen creams to oxygen spray treatments and oxygen inhalation, most spas and salons across the world have something on their menu oxygen related to offer their client. If you are not a frequent spa goer, then you have perhaps heard of oxygen facials from the biggest celebrity in the world, Madonna.

During her last world tour, she touted the benefits of having frequent oxygen treatments in nearly every interview she gave, even going so far as to travel with her own aesthetician so she could partake of an oxygen facial daily. But aside from the celebrity endorsement, what are the aesthetic benefits of oxygen?

Oxygen Treatment

Oxygen Treatment

Oxygen has incredible regenerative powers. For decades, doctors have not only recognized this fact but used it in the treatment of burns, gangrene and wounds that simply would not heal otherwise. In an oxygen rich environment, bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections simply do not survive. Moreover, high concentrations of oxygen trigger the body’s own healing functions.

If you are severely burned or cut, the skin will rapidly heal in such a favourable environment. It is these two very important functions of oxygen that inspired skin care experts to incorporate oxygen into aesthetic treatments around the world.

Oxygen Treatment for Hair

Did you know that in pre-historic earth, the earth’s atmosphere contained oxygen levels of up to 35? Today, thanks to the Industrial Revolution and deforestation that number has gone down to 21%. In some major cities, that number is even worse- as low as 17%! The United States own EPA estimates that the US emits 137 million tons of pollution EACH YEAR! What does that mean for our bodies? Our skin, the protective barrier between us and the environment, gets hit with that pollution every day. We are oxygen starved from our skin to our lungs.

Damage will occur, and that damage will accumulate over time resulting in much stressed, pre-mature aged skin. As an aesthetician, I have seen skin that is highly sensitized, breaking out in a rash when they use products with any chemical ingredients of any kind. Wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and excessive sun damage are also the result of the assault our skin is under.

Oxygen Treatment for face

Keeping all of these facts under consideration, it only makes rational sense that incorporating pure oxygen as a treatment into our routine would have real benefit. We need to replenish the oxygen the environment is lacking. We need it to repair damage inflicted on our bodies. And not once a year, but a minimum of once every month. Oxygen treatments in facials and body treatments help combat all sorts of enemies to the skin, from pollution and stress to the lack of oxygen in the atmosphere.

Oxygen Treatment for Face

The procedure involves spraying hyperbaric oxygen, 98% pure to be exact that is infuse with a serum that contains essential nutrients and antioxidants. The oxygen and serum work in conjunction to reach and repair the skin at a cellular level, achieving optimum results. The oxygen and serum work together to eliminate free radicals that cause premature aging, as well as promote the production of collagen and elastin.

Benefits abound: firmer and smoother skin, also erases fine lines and wrinkles and enhances elasticity. Additionally, the benefits are cumulative as the production of collagen and elastin repair the skin and restore the complexion to a more youthful and beautiful you. The results of a properly done oxygen facial are nothing less than startling as can be attested by the many celebrities that endorse them and its one of the safest and most efficient ways I know of how to continue to look your best.

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