Most Common Skin Conditions

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There are many different kinds of skin conditions, with a seemingly equal amount of treatment approaches. Those most commonly seen include eczema (atopic dermatitis), psoriasis, folliculitis and, of course, skin acne. Skin Diseases can leave you with a wide range of symptoms, some more difficult to deal with than others and can show up as an itchy condition, pigmentation disorders, extremely dry skin conditions, sores and other less than stunning appearances. Getting treatment for most skin conditions requires a trip to the dermatologist and, in some cases, aggressive action.

Skin Conditions:

Common skin conditions include:

Skin Conditions: Solar Damage

Solar Damage:

Without a doubt the skin’s biggest enemy, the sun can have an enormous impact on all facets of the derma from wrinkles to age spots to problems with the physical structures that support and nourish. Skin conditions resulting from sun damage may take advanced procedures such as laser peels, chemical peels and photo rejuvenation.

Skin Rash:

Skin Conditions: Skin Rash

Rash is a wide ranging term for a whole host of conditions. Most infections and bacteria that cause skin problems are also responsible for irritation. These may show up in the form of skin rashes. Though every case is different, these can be an indication that chronic skin conditions may be present. Skin rashes can be the result of a reaction to plants, allergens, chemicals, pollutants, toxins and climate.

Liver Spots:

Skin Conditions: Liver Spots

These spots on the skin (also known as solar lentigines) are the trademark of prolonged sun exposure over time. Additionally they are also one of the skin conditions that help to promote an aged appearance. Simple things can be done to keep them from forming from using an alpha hydroxy acid based product to more advanced procedures such as fraxel laser treatments.


Skin Conditions: Infections

Bacteria, viruses and other pollutants can be absorbed into the skin and cause mild to very complicated infections. Once they have taken hold, they should be subjected to prescription medication and the assistance of a dermatologist. It should be your goal to learn how to fight the skin diseases and conditions that can lead to infection. Keeping wounds and other raw skin conditions clean and free from bacteria is the first step in dodging these types of conditions.

Skin Diseases:

Skin Conditions: Skin Diseases

Many skin conditions develop because of disease. These diseases can leave difficult to remove discolorations and may need advanced treatments to repair. A rare skin condition can also lead to hospitalisation and worse based on the diagnosis.Catching these early and treating them with prescription medications (both topical and oral) can help you make great strides in getting rid of them fast.


Skin Conditions: Skin Cancers

Cancers are usually considered the most dangerous of all the common skin conditions. These can be invasive and potentially life threatening strains such as melanoma or less aggressive but still aggressive forms such as basal and squamous cell carcinomas. If detected quickly enough and treated effectively, most forms of skin cancer are curable with melanoma needing to be caught the earliest to be battled correctly.

This is of course, not exhaustive list of skin conditions. Consulting a dermatologist is definitely recommended if you suspect that rashes or other breakouts may be the beginnings of a more serious condition. The vast majority of skin problems can be addressed by the wide array prescription medications currently available.

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