Matte Lip Color

Moisturizing Matte Lip Color

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There’s no denying it; the moisturizing matte lip color trend goes strong within the makeup community. Celebrities, bloggers, and models alike are sporting this chic search for every occasion. While we still love our creamy, conditioning lipsticks and hydrating lip glosses, we also skill fun it’s to vary up your style sometimes. If you would like to undertake this lipstick trend, we have a couple of easy hacks to make a matte color with products that are already in your makeup bag. Asian woman with a matte lip look

4 Hacks to Make a Moisturizing Matte Lip Color

Matte Lip Color

If you’ve tried matte lipstick, there’s an honest chance your lips felt very dry by the top of the day. That’s because most lipsticks increase the concentration of ingredients like powder pigments and wax to make the specified flat, matte finish. With our products, it’s easy to realize a trendy lipstick look without abandoning the nourishing, moisturizing feel you recognize and love. All you’ve got to try to do is try one among the below hacks. Whether it’s a bold, matte red lip or an understated peachy nude, we’ve you covered.

Matte Lip Color Hack: Lip Fixation Lip Stain

1) Skip the Gloss for Moisturizing Matte Lip Color

Do you already love Lip Fixation Lip Stain/Gloss? It’s one of our favorite 3-in-1 lip products! The dual-sided tube contains a lip gloss on one end and a lip stain on the opposite. you’ll use the lip gloss exclusively; layer the lip gloss on top of the lip stain; or for a long-lasting matte look, skip the gloss completely and just use the lip stain. Apply the stain side to your lips, wait 30 seconds and apply a second coat. Let it dry and voila, a budge-proof matte lip.

2) Use a Mattifying Powder

Matte Lip Color Hack: Mattifying Powder

Try using two of your go-to products together. First, swipe on your favorite Pure Moist Lipstick shade. Next, take a tissue and separate the two-ply. Hold one side of the tissue to your lips and mud your favorite mattifying powder (we love Amazing Matte Loose Finishing Powder) through the tissue onto your lips. The tissue helps make sure you apply just the proper amount of powder to lock your lipstick in situ and provides it a matte finish. (Pro Tip: you’ll use this trick on top of any combination of your favorite lip products!)

3) Customize Your Matte Color

Matte Lip Color Hack: Lip Drink SPF 15 Ointment

Do you have a matte blush shade that might look amazing as a lip color? Create your own lip color by applying a Lip Drink SPF 15 ointment to your lips. Then, use your finger or an eye-fixed Shader Brush to softly pat Pure Pressed Blush on top. Not only does it create the right, moisturized finish, but you get the added bonus of sun protection! our favorite color combinations are Crush Lip Drink ointment + Mystique Pure Pressed Blush for a deep berry hue and Buff Lip Drink ointment + Flawless Pure Pressed Blush for a nude shade.

4) Stencil with a Pencil

Matte Lip Color Hack: Stencil with a Pencil

Ever thought of employing a Lip Pencil on its own? Try both lining and filling in your lips with a lip pencil no lipstick required. The waxes and oils offer you a matte look without leaving your lips feeling dried and chapped. (Pro Tip: Use the flocked Sponge to roll-press Pure Pressed Base to your bare lips before applying the lip liner. this may make sure you get the truest color possible.)

Practice Makes Perfect

Whatever the trend, never hand over the standard and integrity of your makeup products. Use Quad Bronzers in Moonglow, Rose Dawn, or Sunbeam and pat a little amount on the middle of rock bottom lip. confirm to use any powders after your lip color is on, but before you add any gloss.

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