TikTok Says Micellar Water Makes Shampoo Clean Better

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TikTok is an informational gold mine for haircare advice so TikTok recently says micellar water makes shampoo. Where else would we have discovered that hyaluronic acid works just as well throughout your lengths as it does on your skin, or that dental floss can prevent humidity-induced frizz?

Micellar Water Makes Shampoo

Recently, cleaning has taken center stage. More particularly, how to keep your hair lustrous and moisturized after each wash. If you haven’t tried Maui Moisture, you’re losing out on a great product), but now TikTokers are adopting one unusual product into their hair routines. Shampoos and scalp scrubs frequently become popular on the app.

Here we have micellar water, a makeup removal product

TikTok Says Micellar Water Makes Shampoo we have micellar water a makeup removal product

Recently, TikToker user @abbeyyung reached 1.1 million views for her video in which she covers her head with Garnier Micellar Water Facial Cleanser For Delicate Skin and Eyes, $7.99, and drenches her body. She captioned the video, “Let’s test micellar water before shampoo to see whether it cleans even better. In a prior picture, Abbey gives us a look of her “very oily” hair before picking up the micellar water. She takes her time massaging the conditioner into her hair after which she cleanses it again. Abbey claims that the outcome is hair that “feels so clean  smooth and shining.”

The caveat was added by Abbey in the comments section. This is most certainly not required, she wrote. It didn’t take long for the opinions to start pouring in. “Testing different ideas is just what makes TikTok exciting for me! Take what works for you leave what doesn’t.” One TikToker said, “My hair is fine but I have a lot. It has a lot of build up. I’m going to try this to see if it works.” Some others weren’t exactly convinced, though. One questioned: “Why did I assume Micellar water was solely for makeup remover?.” One TikToker said, “Terrified that this might strip my color.” “Guys there is micellar shampoo!” exclaimed another.

So, does it function? I have very oily roots, which are partially caused by PCOS hormones and the numerous hair products I’ve tried, as well as brand-new curtain bangs that I can’t stop caressing. As someone who frequently gets a flaky scalp, I thought I would be a good candidate to test this out. Since I always double shampoo my hair, any improvement in the feel or appearance would definitely be due to the micellar water. or so I believed.

TikTok Says Micellar Water Makes Shampoo I remove my makeup every day with micellar waterI remove my makeup every day with micellar water (followed by a proper, water-based cleanse). It effectively cleanses my skin without drying it out. Would it affect my hair the same way?

Like Abbey, I used my fingertips to massage the micellar water into my scalp after drenching my lengths in it from root to tip. I left the micellar water on for about an hour while working out because there are no instructions on how long to let it do its job. I was disappointed when I looked at the bottle, which was only 3/4 full when I took it up. Considering that my hair is just bob-length, the bottle of micellar water I used to soak each and every strand was nearly empty.

I kept going, though. For the most accurate results, I stuck to my regular process of twice-shampooing my hair and finishing with a conditioner. I applied my go-to Olaplex No. 9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum ($50) and gently squeezed out the majority of the moisture before letting my hair air dry as usual.

The following morning, when I closely examined my roots, I was pleasantly surprised. I always feel like my hair feels light and clean after two shampoos. Fortunately, my scalp wasn’t as flaky as it had been. But once more, a double cleaning would remove most of the dead skin. So what’s the deal with the micellar water hair hack? Theoretically, yes, but it might not be for everyone, according to Chie Sato, director of education at Taylor Taylor.

She explains, “Micellar water contains micelles, which are little structures that draw debris and oil.” In theory, according to Chie, this may also work on your scalp as it contains huge hair follicles and oil glands that create sebum to keep the hair moisturized. “That makes micellar water perfect for eliminating things like makeup as well as sebum (oil) build-up off the surface of your skin,” she says.

But dousing your lengths in micellar water each time you wash them isn’t exactly feasible. If you wash your hair more than once a week, Chie explains, “you would need a lot of micellar water to completely cleanse your entire scalp. When there are other products on the market that are specifically intended to be safe for your hair and scalp, “this could become pricey and wasteful.”

TikTok Says Micellar Water Makes Shampoo micellar water can help combat oily hair

I have to concur. Although there are certain micellar products that are reasonably priced, such as the excellent Garnier Micellar Water, which costs $7.99, and Simple’s Cleansing Micellar Water, which costs $11.99, in my experience, you’d need half a bottle each time, which can be expensive. Instead, especially on days when it’s very oily, if I’ve worked out or used a lot of hair products like oils and styling creams, I swear by shampooing my hair twice in the shower. Chie concurred that there may be advantages to twice cleansing.

To ensure that you are thoroughly washing your scalp and removing all product buildup and extra oils, she advises double shampooing. According to Chie, by removing impurities, you’re letting moisturizing and conditioning products to permeate the hair more deeply, which works to restore parched, damaged strands over time. “The first wash starts to break down the product build-up, excess oils, and pollutants from the scalp.

Chie also advises using a clarifying shampoo every other week if your scalp and hair become really oily and feel heavy. If your hair is on the drier side, we suggest the Giovanni 50:50 Hydrating Clarifying Shampoo or the Aveeno Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo, both of which cost $14.49 and use apple cider vinegar to remove oil and dead skin. I also use The Body Shop’s Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo ($14), which completely gets rid of my flakes in just one wash, for individuals who suffer from dandruff.

TikTok Says Micellar Water Makes Shampoo Kristin Ess Scalp Purifying Micellar Shampoo

But what if you’re committed to micellar water? As an alternative to makeup remover, use a micellar shampoo. According to Chie, “a micellar shampoo is comparable to a clarifying shampoo.” Try the Kristin Ess Scalp Purifying Micellar Shampoo, $16.99, or the Kevin Murphy Scalp Spa Wash, $43.95, both of which remove product, oil, and flaky skin build-up without stripping hair of moisture.

Would I thus reapply micellar water to my hair and scalp? No. In my opinion, it’s a waste of product, especially because there are specific haircare product lines that are far more affordable and more effective. Sorry, TikTok, but this is one exploit I won’t be using again.

Does micellar water clean hair?

Micelles, in contrast to other washing agents, bind to pollutants while maintaining essential nutrients, then rinse away to leave behind clean, nourished hair. Micellar waters for hair are a great option for properly removing product buildup, toxins, sweat, and anything else because they are delicate but effective.

Can I add micellar water to my shampoo?

Micellar water shampoo is a wonderful substitute for clarifying shampoos and other detoxifying products since it is so gentle. If used too regularly, these products can strip hair of its natural oils. (We adore it for eliminating buildup from powder-based sprays like dry shampoo.)

Is micellar shampoo same as clarifying shampoo?

Micelles catch water, oil, and other impurities when you wash your hair before being rinsed out. Micellar shampoos and clarifying shampoos both aim to get rid of buildup. Regular use of styling products can cause buildup, which can collect on hair strands and leave a film on the scalp.

What happens when you put micellar water in your hair?

Philip B., a well-known hair and scalp expert from around the world, claims that micellar water can balance out the hair, giving it more shine, body, and bounce. Additionally, micellar water will remove scalp buildup without removing skin’s natural oils, providing greater results than harsh clarifying shampoos for product devotees.

Does micellar water remove hair color?

These characteristics make these micelles ideal as a hair cleansing agent. They are highly good in gently removing excess grease and oil from hair, which is especially important if you have dry hair. Your colored hair won’t be stripped by micellar shampoo!

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