Prevent Wrinkles through Coffee

How To Prevent Wrinkles On The Face With Instant Coffee

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Coffee contains collagen can prevent and reduce lines wrinkles on the face. Try your face in front of the mirror. Take a good look, how your skin condition? If the face was pale, eyes and skin colored marsupial dull and dry, it seems that your lifestyle is unhealthy. Wrinkles on the face can actually be prevented and treated by administration of collagen on a regular basis. Collagen is actually produced naturally by the body and the increasing age makes the production of collagen decreases. To overcome the lack of collagen are many people who work around this by using collagen cream, collagen injections or plastic surgery.

Prevent Wrinkles with Coffee

Prevent Wrinkles Coffee Mask for Face.

There are other ways simpler than the above three ways of instant coffee with a facial. Coffee is not only a delicious drink, but it’s also nutritious for the skin. Oil content in coffee is rich in linoleic acid which can prevent the skin from aging and can diminish cellulite. The content also makes the skin more elastic and has anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory. But certainly not just any coffee, but make sure the coffee is used to contain collagen facials high. Coffee may prevent and reduce lines wrinkles on the face. The way is by adding a facial cleanser cream in coffee. Then, use the potion to do facials.

Foods and beverages that contain collagen are very popular and efficacious to beautify the skin. Even the Japanese women have the habit of consuming beverages containing collagen supplement to stay young. To get the collagen, actually not only through beauty products but also on food and beverages. In addition to coffee, high collagen is also found in fruits such as oranges, tomatoes, apples, papaya, grapes, kiwi, carrots and much more. While on diet, high collagen found in eggs, olive oil, chicken claw, tuna, and salmon. So, if you want to always look your youthful facial with a coffee can containing collagen regularly and eat food that contains high collagen.

Coffee Benefits for Anti Wrinkle Face Masks Coffee can also be useful as an anti wrinkle on the face. Combine two to three tablespoons of wheat flour with three tablespoons of coffee, then add a little milk, stir until thick. Then, coat the mask to the face. Let stand for 20 to 30 minutes, rinse with warm water afterwards. Besides coffee can be used to overcome the wrinkles on the face can also be useful as follows:


Coffee is believed to diminish cellulite body. The trick to smear the body berselulit with hot coffee, then wrapped with plastic. Let stand for 20 to 30 minutes, and then rinse the body with cold water. For anti cellulite, you can also make coffee as a scrub. Grind a few grains of coffee, do not be until smooth. Then rub on the cellulite (it could be to the entire body), then rinse with warm water.

Prevent Wrinkles through Coffee: Coffee Ice Cubes

Refreshing facial

Make a coffee that has been mixed with water, then insert it into the printer and freeze ice cubes in the freezer. When you are tired, coffee ice cubes rubbed on the face, the face will feel more refreshed afterwards.

Prevent Wrinkles through Coffee: Coffee Tanning Lotion

Tanning Lotion

Every morning, after waking up should ideally be clean face. You can clean it with coffee, wet the cotton with the newly brewed coffee. Excess oil on the face can be raised. This will make the face smoother and gives a natural brown color.

Restore Skin Health Tips

In addition to facials using instant coffee, if you want to restore skin health then avoids the following:

Prevent Wrinkles through Coffee: Skin Health


Cigarette smoke contains thousands of toxic chemical substances. When your skin is frequently exposed to toxic fumes, the skin will be deprived of sufficient oxygen. Oxygen is needed to maintain skin elasticity.

Prevent Wrinkles through Coffee: Skin Health Stress


When stress or anxiety, try to overcome by walking or exercising. Exercise releases endorphins, the hormone that makes you feel relaxed and happy. No time to exercise? Try soaking in warm water after work or before bed.

Prevent Wrinkles through Coffee: Skin Health Sugar


Although it feels good, but sugar can make skin look dull when consumed too much. Tips by Volks and David

Prevent Wrinkles through Coffee: Skin Health Sun


Morning sun is good for helping the skin to produce vitamin D. But too much exposure to sun, especially midday sun can make skin dull and irritating.

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