How Do I Reduce My Wrinkles? Useful Guide

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Reduce Wrinkles

Advertising is all around you. Daily you are bombarded with claims that one product will reduce better than the competition. If you are unfamiliar with a new product, you can only rely on the truthfulness of the advertiser’s claims or the “scientific study” they  undertook or a friend’s positive feedback before you decide to part with your hard-earned dollars. In the case of skincare products, the claims can be even more confusing as one product will prove to work “miracles” for your friend, yet do nothing special for you.

Reduce Wrinkles

Reduce Wrinkles: SPF 30 Sunblock

This is not to say that no anti-ageing or wrinkle treatment will ever work. Just remember that there is no magic treatment. The best way to have great skin is by preventing. Protect your skin from the sun and take care of it both inside and out. If you had applied an SPF 30 sunblock every 2 hours everyday of your life since the day you were born (or stayed out of the sun completely), you would most likely look years younger and have very few wrinkles. But that is not realistic is it?

Reduce Wrinkles: Skin Care

Reality is that many of you probably skipped the sunscreen altogether for a “great tan” a few summers running, and because most of you aren’t hermits, you may already have a few wrinkles and ageing skin.  Perhaps you are looking for something to help get rid of them. You want to know, how can you reduce your wrinkles? Some treatments may work, some might not. Some treatments do what they say, some don’t. You want to find the treatments that don’t promise the world but instead deliver real results. Proper sun protection is a big start to preventing further damage.

Reduce Wrinkles: Night Cream

Next to daily SPF, the next best thing you can do for your wrinkles is moisturise. You should use a moisturiser with an SPF of 15 or higher in the morning and use a night cream suited for your skin type in the evening. Another important way to keep your skin hydrated is by drinking enough water. You hear it time and again because proper hydration is key to plumping up dry skin cells and detoxifying your body.

Reduce Wrinkles: Chemical Peels

In addition to regular cleansing and moisturising regimens, you can add an occasional facial or peel. A peel removes the dead skins cells from the top layer of facial skin to reveal a brighter, more radiant complexion.  If a chemical peel seems too expensive or harsh, you could use a facial scrub, but be aware of hard, rough grains that can tear delicate facial tissue. Try to find a facial scrub with beaded moisturisers or enzymes. You could also use a peel less frequently and try a scrub a week or so.

Reduce Wrinkles: Anti-Ageing Products

Finally, there are all the “Anti-Ageing” products. You can find lotions, serums, toners, and just about anything that claims to diminish wrinkles. Some products work for some people and not others. You really need to do some of your own experimenting. If you have dry skin look for a nice moisturising anti-ageing lotion. Stay away from things you know you are allergic to and keep an eye on ingredients that don’t work before buying another product. Give every product at least a week or two, unless you experience any allergic reactions, before you give it up and move on. It takes some time for most products to produce results.

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