Dandelion Extract — NOT YET the Most Powerful Cancer Cure

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Does this post express absolute truth unclouded with fallacies and biases? Is Dandelion extract more powerful than any chemotherapy drugs? Will this innovation bring new hope to the cancer victims or will just bring false hope and false alarm?

Dandelion Extract

The health article titled “Scientists Find Root That Kills 98% of Cancer Cells in Only 48 Hours” by Health Eternally Official Website posted last September 21, 2016 spreads as fast as cancer and has created widespread social and medical craze thus, giving thousands of cancer patients all around the world a brand new chance to escape from their death sentence.

Dandelion Extract

Dandelion Extract: Powder

Others thought of this floral fad as something that is totally revolutionary knowing that cancer is one of humankind’s most challenging enemy ever since and that our latest technology through chemotherapy can only treat 10% of the patients. On the other hand, others can’t help raising their eyebrows and think of this post as a piece of joke or something.

Historically, dandelions are already used by herbalists to aid a number of diseases like kidney malfunctions, gallbladder issues, lymphoma, leukemia, melanoma, pancreatic diseases and many more. It also was noted for being an effective immune stimulant being heavily loaded with potassium and Vitamin A.

This ancient claim was then seconded by recent scientific studies. Researchers from University of Maryland Medical Center already cited that dandelions possess strong antioxidant properties which can avert cancer.

Dr. Caroline Hamm, one of the leading specialists in studying the properties of dandelions also reported that Dandelion Root Extract ( DRE ) is unique and is one of the only things found to help with chronic myelomonocytic leukemia.

In that certain post coming from Health Eternally Official Website, they articulated the surprising case of John Di Carlo, a 72-year old cancer patient who was sent home by his doctors because they already gave up due to his incurable leukemia. As a last chance, the doctors prescribed him to drink the extract of dandelion root since chemotherapy failed to treat him. Surprisingly, within 48 hours, the cancerous cells in Di Carlo’s blood began to disintegrate!

Dandelion Extract: Cancer Cells

At first glance, these testaments are very appealing especially to cancer patients who have wasted so much money for chemotherapy which can only give them a 10% chance of survival. And because of that, the dandelion root became an instant celebrity.

However, most people do not know that this popular trend was just a rumor and there has been no scientific or medical evidence which supports such claim.

Yes, dandelions do have anticancer properties but clinical studies have not shown this effect in humans and that ‘ human studies are limited ‘ and is therefore not enough to proclaim dandelion root extract as the most powerful cancer cure in the planet.

Interest in dandelion’s healing properties began was initiated in 2010 by Sloan-Kettering Memorial Center but still, on their official website, they stated that there are still no sufficient data to support that claim.

For now, scientists still cannot tell that dandelion is the instant cure for cancer, they just clarified that dandelions produce certain phytochemicals which can slowly diminish cancer cells. Dr. Hamm even admitted that she has seen improvements in some patients who drank dandelion root extract.

Dandelion Extract: Hyperkalemia

The news about dandelion extract’s capacity to kill 98% of Cancer cells within 48 hours can only be considered as an engineered exaggeration giving people false alarms. The dangerous thing about this is that cancer patients may ignore their prescription medicines from their doctors and switch to dandelion extract which can potentially harm them. Aside from that, people might get obsessed with dandelion and intake so much of it making themselves at risk of hyperkalemia a state where potassium level in the blood serum has become very high which may result in palpitations, muscle pain, muscle weakness, or numbness and abnormal heart rate can occur which may lead to cardiac arrest and death.

In the miraculous case of Di Carlo, experts suggest that what happens to him is commonly called as spontaneous remission or regression, a rare but long-documented scenario wherein cancer ‘resolve on its own.’

Whether dandelion is the most powerful cancer-fighting agent or not, we do not know as for now. But one thing is for sure, as time passes by and as technology becomes greater and greater, there will be a day when the phytochemicals found in dandelion will soon be scientifically manifested as nature’s best answer to cancer.

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