Cure Nail Fungus with Vicks VapoRub

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Nail Fungus

The nail fungus is characterised by thick, discoloured or yellowed nails, which may also become brittle and completely splintered. The nail fungus is not only unattractive, but can become painful at times, causing embarrassment and discomfort to those who suffer. Trying to get rid of nail fungus can be very expensive, either through consultations and drug prescriptions. An inexpensive way to cure nail fungus is with sea salt.

Nail Fungus Treatment

Nail Fungus Treatment with Vicks VapoRub

Foot fungus is a common condition caused by microscopic organisms that grow in warm, moist areas. If a person walks in a warm place, such as dressing rooms, showers or pools, organisms can invade your nails and may cause an infection. The condition is unsightly and can be painful in severe cases. Although most cases can be treated by a doctor, there are home remedies, as Vicks VapoRub, which have shown big progress in treating this condition.

What You need:

Clippers, a small bowl, a towel, sea salt, hydrogen peroxide, hot water, vinegar


Nail Fungus Treatment: Vicks VapoRub

Although toenails fungus is usually treated with oral medication prescribed by a doctor, some people treat them with Vicks VapoRub. There is evidence proving that Vicks VapoRub can cure fungal toenails in some people. This is largely due to its ingredients, including menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil. These ingredients may have anti-fungal properties that inhibit fungus growth in the toenails. The ointment should be applied to the affected nails every day.


Researchers at the University of Michigan found that daily use of Vicks VapoRub cured fungal toenails of 32 people from a total of 85 participants. It took five to 16 months to completely eliminate the infection, which is comparable with other treatments for fungal toenails.


Vicks VapoRub has no side effects, which can make it a good choice for people who have problems with oral medications. Oral anti-fungal medications can cause skin irritation in some patients and can also cause liver damage. Patients with congestive heart failure or liver disease may be unable to take an oral treatment, so Vick VapoRub can be a good alternative for them.


Nail Fungus Treatment: Vinegar

Vicks VapoRub is not the only home remedy for fungal toenails. Some people believe that vinegar compresses can be an effective cure. Although there are no studies showing that vinegar works specifically for fungal toenails, it has been shown that it can stop the growth of some types of bacteria. Use one part vinegar and two parts warm water. The compress must act for 20 minutes, then you should rinse and dry the area. If the vinegar causes irritation, the napkin should be diluted with more water.


Vicks VapoRub is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration to be used as a cure for toenail fungus. The company doesn’t recommend using it to treat nail fungus.


1. Cut out your toenails and file as many infected nail fungus as possible. This will help the treatment with sea salt to reach more efficiently the affected area.

2. Put hot water in a basin for the foot, with enough water to cover your fingers. Make sure the water is as hot as your feet are capable of withstanding.

3. Roll a towel and place under the basin at the opposite end of the toes. This will tilt most of the water to the tip of your fingers into the bowl.

4. Add 1 cup hydrogen peroxide in water and then dip your toes in the water.

5. Get your wet fingers on the ground and pour sea salt on your toes. Let stand for about three minutes before putting your fingers in water to soak. While your toes are perched outside the basin with sea salt on them, add 1 1/2 cups of sea salt and peroxide in the basin.

6. Put your toes in the water and let soak for 30 minutes.

7. Remove the fingers of the solution and pat dry them. Gently massage your feet and toes to help blood circulation on that area.

8. Apply one or two drops of vinegar to the infected nail. Do not wear shoes or socks. If you must go out, wear sandals or flip-flops.

9. Repeat the 30-minute soak in sea salt daily or as often as you can until the nail fungus is gone. You may need to continue soaking at least once a week to prevent fungus to become reinfected again.

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