Biosilk Hair Serum Review

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This is a product review for Biosilk hair serum according to the bottle it is a weightless leave in silk replenishing and reconstructing treatment to repair smooth and protect all hair types.

Biosilk Hair Serum

I have been using this Biosilk hair serum for about a couples of years now. I love it is $15 which is pretty reasonable and it’s also a medium textured serum. Basically it gives your hair moisture and sheen especially, if you have dry hair this is a great product a little bit goes a long way though.

Biosilk Hair Serum

It’s a pretty decent size files five point six for fluid ounces and you really only need about a teaspoon in your hair if you do put too much your hair can get greasy you can oily and that’s definitely what you don’t want even.

If you do have dry hair it’s light it’s smooth once you get it in your hand. It feels very silky another great part of this Biosilk hair serum is that it control frizz my hair is not naturally straight. I straighten it. It’s pretty wavy and it can be frizzy especially my baby hair so it’s great to have product that kind of control frizz especially , If you plan on blow-drying and straightening your hair as well it also leaves my hair very soft onto a person that after I blow-dry me hair.

Biosilk Hair Serum

It seems to get a little bit puffier and this product is just great to kind of smooth it out and make it look a little bit even straightener. It is also smells great it has some type of perfume. I am not exactly sure what it is but it does smell good another great part of this product is that it can be used on your skin as well.

It’s an amazing moisturizer a lot of hair conditioners actually use some of the same ingredients as body lotions so for this hair serum you actually have some of those same ingredients so it’s great to just put on your hand and just kind of rub it in great shine and great smoothness so now I am going to show you how to use this product.

The first thing is when you’re using on your hair you want to shake well basically you want to prevent your hair from looking greasy so shaking helps redistribute the treatment serum evenly. So I just  take a little bit and put it in my hand just a little maybe even less than a teaspoon rub it into your hands start  from the top and just kind of go through your hair.

Biosilk Hair Serum apply serum on wet hair I am using it on dry hair you can also use it, if your hair still wet but for someone like me who flat irons blow dries and straightens their hair pretty often this is a great products to use after  you have done that it basically helps your hair from getting wavy again it also keeps your healthy.

I know when you do all those different treatments like blow drying it tends to dry out hair and you can get split ends a lot quicker so this Biosilk hair serum really helps alleviate that problem like , I said before the price is pretty reasonable the one thing you have to remember is not to use a lot you don’t want to make it look like you had washed your hair in a while that oily greasy look so I really do like this Biosilk hair serum I use it all the time.

I use it all year round as well and I think no matter what kind of hair you have it couldn’t hurt to try It’s very reasonably priced. If you want hair care advice you can read this also.

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