Achieving a Classic Smokey Eye

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When it comes to smokey eye makeup, there are a few key styles you’ll most probably come back to over and over and over again and the smoky eye is most certainly one of them. It’s a foolproof approach to add passion to your eyes and try a seductive appearance when you want to shake things up. By personalising your smokey eye look to your specific eye shape, you can take it to the next level.

Classic Smokey Eye

1. Prime:

Smokey Eye: Use Primer

Priming the world is vital to achieving a classic smokey eye. For those with dry skin, select a primer with hydrating benefits, for those with oily skin choose a more powdery finish. If the world around the eye is bluish in color, use a yellow-based primer to neutralize the blue. Apply the primer all the thanks to the brow. If you are doing not have access to a primer you’ll use a dot of concealer or foundation as a base.

2. Apply Your Liner Achieving a Classic Smokey Eye

Smokey Eye: Use Liner

After selecting your shade, apply your liner to the inner waterline, top, and bottom. to make a good eye effect use a matte white or flesh color on the rock bottom inner waterline. Using tiny strokes (most mistakes happen you are trying to try to to one seamless line), create a line along the eyelid as on the brink of your lash line as possible. Repeat this on the lower lashline.

TIP: rest the lower palm of your hand/wrist on your cheek to assist control your application.

3. Create A “V”:

Smokey Eye: Create a V

With your liner, extend the lower lash line up towards the crease (approximately halfway to the brow), then usher in the liner towards the iris creating a “v” like pattern at the fringes of the attention.

4. Shadow In:

Smokey Eye: Color Palette

Using a tapered crease brush, color the “V” shape with the darker color of your cream shadow palette. If you do not have a cream shadow you’ll also dampen the comb and use your darker shadow wet. This helps to avoid fall out. Next, using an everywhere shadow brush apply a color approx 1 shade lighter than the bottom color on the center of the eyelid and overwhelm the “v” you only filled in. Hint: tap your brush before you apply the color to the attention to urge obviate any excess product.

5. Concentrate To Eye Shape:

Smokey Eye: Concentrate to Eye Shape

For eyes that are approximate use your everywhere shadow brush with a light-weight color on the inner eye and sweep it under the brows also. For eyes that are far apart, you’ll use an equivalent color because of the previous step or go even darker on the inner eye and sweep towards the crease.

6. Final Touches:

Finish with a lighter color under the brow.

7. Need More Pop?

For an additional “pop” use your annually and apply a light-weight color on the center of the lid; the natural oils secreted from your finger help this highlight to blend.

8. Not Sharp Enough?

Smokey Eye: Use Liquid Liner

If you would like a pointy clean look re-evaluate the “V” shape precisely with a smudge brush. If this is often not enough, add a liquid liner to the upper lash line and do a “tail” over the “V.” to make a more sultry look you’ll blend the “V” shape out of touch with a blending or crease brush.

9. Don’t Neglect The Lashes:

Smokey Eye: Lashes

Finish off by applying a generous coat of mascara! Tip: applying mascara last is best as you’ll have better access to the attention area and your lashes may grab a number of the surplus product thereby adding more volume. For more drama, you’ll want to feature a couple of clusters of false lashes also.

10. Runway Ready?

Almost! do not forget to border your eye by filling in your brows!

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