7 Ways to Wear Glitters

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Glitters can be a hard accessory to pull off. However, when done right/worn well, it not only looks age-appropriate, it’s sure to cause a few heads to turn-slash-serve as an instant conversation starter. “Confidence is also key when it comes to wearing glitter, so add shimmer to accentuate whichever feature you love most and then own the look you chose,” makeup artist Bob Scott said. Here, model Sistine Stallone shows you how to do just that, wearing a plethora of shimmery shades while serving up major looks.

7 Ways to wear Glitters

1. Eye-Catching Crimson Lip

Ways to wear Glitters: Eye-Catching Crimson Lip

This lip isn’t your every day look, but it definitely falls into the “special occasion” lip category. To copy Sistine’s stunning scarlet pout, Scott suggests laying the groundwork with a red lip color (he used Rouge Dior Liquid Lip Stain in “565 Versatile Satin” on her here), and then perfecting the lip shape with a matching liner. “These steps are also interchangeable,” he added. Next comes the glitters. He applied MAC Reflects Red Glitters, using his finger, patting it all over her lip. For increased drama, because we’re all a little extra, enhance the glitter effect by applying a clear gloss, like Glossier’s, followed by more glitters (be sure to apply both with your finger).

2. Cool-Girl, Violet Cat-Eye

Ways to wear Glitters: MAC Chromagraphic Pencil

Cat-eyes aren’t the easiest to execute, but don’t shy away from this chic look just because it involves glitters. Here, Scott first sketched out the liner’s shape with a soft purple eye pencil (MAC Chromagraphic Pencil in “Rich Purple”) before setting the liner with an accentuating shadow. Then, he used a small, tightly packed brush to lay down the glitter. “I applied Lemonhead. LA in “Birthday Bitch Spacejam” directly over the cat-eye shape, keeping the glitter in bounds with a pointed cotton swab,” Scott explained. Finally, he swiped on mascara and patted Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Gloss over her lips.

3. Shimmery, Two-Toned Eye

Ways to wear Glitters: Urban Decay Distortion Eye-shadow Palette

If you’re into wearing a smoky eye, take it up a notch for any night out/holiday party with a touch (or two!) of glitter. “For this eye, the first thing I did was create a smoky, nude base using browns and other neutrals from the Urban Decay Distortion Eye-shadow Palette,” Scott explained. Next, line the waterline of your eye with a black or dark brown khol liner, like Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Pencil (one of Scott’s absolute favorites!), and then get your glitter ready.

“I used two tones, silver and gold, from UD’s Heavy Metal Collection,” he said, “applying the gold tone first, “Midnight Cowboy,” as a medium-thick line over the base of her lid, wrapping it around the inner corner and then along her bottom lash line. Be sure to taper the thickness as you go in toward the corner of your eye. Then, he took “Glamrock” (the silver tone) and layered it over the inner corner for a mixed-metal highlight. Finally, swipe on a few coats of mascara over curled lashes.

5. Bold, Purple Glitters Brow

Ways to wear Glitters: Purple Glitters Brow

Have bold brows and you don’t particularly like wearing an eye shadow look? This is the perfect, playful (yet still grown!) way to accentuate your arches. For this lit, purple glitters brow, start by filling in your arches with a purple eye liner. Next, dip a cotton swap into some Ben Nye Glitter Glue and push it into your brow along your natural shape, coating all of hairs. Then, use a flat brush to push the glitter onto the glue. “I used MAC Fuchsia glitter on Sistine,” Scott said. Finally, clean up any outlying glitter with a strip of transparent tape.

6. Glam Glitter Nails

Ways to wear Glitters: Glam Glitters Nails

“Glitter is a really simple way to add a fun, festive, decorative element to your manicure,” manicurist Ada Yeung explained. But to make sure your digits read grown-up rather than too young and cutesy, follow Yeung’s how-to: Start by painting on two coats of sheer, iridescent polish, like Zoya Nail Polish in “Leia.” Next, using a thin striper brush (you can get these at the craft store), outline your nail bed with a darker glittery color. “I used H&M’s iridescent pink and orange shade called “Phoenix” before gluing varying sizes of Swarovski crystals along Sistine’s cuticle line,” she added. She finished her look with a quick-drying top coat, like Seche Vite.

7. Slicked Back, Shimmery Strands

Ways to wear Glitters: Lemonhead LA Glitter Gel

If you really love glitters or, let’s be real, waiting for a KiraKira moment to Instagram take a page out of hairstylist Nicolas Eldin’s book and slick back your hair, leaving the bottom texture on the drier, wavier side. Then, using Lemonhead. LA Glitter Gel in “Midnight Society Spacejam,” apply it from your roots toward your crown for a grown-up, glittery finish that’ll literally stop people in their tracks.

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