6 Beauty Products For Beginners

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You’ve finally wanted to give beauty products a try, I know it was a huge step to make. You decided that you want to try makeup, but not a lot. You just want something to start off with that you can handle. Before you head into your car and visit your local drugstore  you might want to do some research.  It can be difficult to find beauty products to start out with as a beginner. There’s just so many products and brands to choose from that it’s going to become impossible to really know the worth of the product.

Luckily I have created the possible for the impossible and recommend 6 beauty products for beginners. Each product should vary so you capture everything on your face. If you have one product that focuses on your lips, then the other 5 will focus on the rest of your face.

6 Beauty Products

Eyeliner or Eye-shadow

Beauty Product: Eyes Liner or Eye-shadow

One of the very first beauty products I used was liquid eyeliner and have worn it since then. Liquid eyeliner is one of  my go to products because it has not failed me once and is super easy to apply. A very classic look for liquid eyeliner is the winged look. Don’t be intimidated by this look, I have the easiest three step tutorial to help. If you’re not into liquid eyeliner then try a waterproof eyeliner pencil. This will help with anti smudging, but try not to rub your eye as much.

Foundation or Concealer

Beauty Product: Foundation or Concealer

Choosing a foundation or concealer is going to take some time. For me I had to find a brand that was inclusive to darker skin tones. Invest in a brand that you feel represents your shade and gives you an effortless finish. Also find a foundation or concealer that works with your skin type. Skin type can come in three categories; dry, oily or combination skin. If you have dry skin, look for products that have moisturizer included in their formulas.

If you have oily or combination skin then try to avoid products that are oil based or counter with a setting product. If you are using a concealer then you don’t to use as much product vs using foundation. Use concealer on any acne scars, blemishes, or uneven skin tones. If your not using foundation and concealer together, use a concealer that closely matches your skin tone.


Beauty Product: Mascara

Mascara is perfect for a minimal makeup look or just to add volume to your eyes. Choose a mascara that works best for your eyes. Mascara comes in many formulas so be cautious of any that you may be allergic too or makes you tear up more than usual.


Beauty Product: Lip Wear

You can choose from so many colors and shades that work for your specific skin tone. Choose a lip product that doesn’t dry your lips out. There are a lot of brands that have an endless amount of lip-wear and colors. A great technique to finding the right shade of color is by swatching the color on your inner forearm or hand. There are so many different kinds of lip-wear; lip-gloss, lipstick, and pencil. You can pair a lipstick and pencil together and line your lips before applying a darker shade.

Moisturiser or primer

Beauty Product: Moisturiser or Primer

Having a moisturised face or priming before applying makeup is a must. Moisturising your face will prevent your skin from drying throughout the day. You may want to use a light moisturiser if you have oil or combination skin to prevent adding more oils on your face. If you are going to use foundation or concealer then you can use a primer.


Beauty Product: Eyebrow

The last of the 6 beauty products for beginners is for your eyebrows. Now I know everyone has their own preference for shaping and filling. So I included both powder, pencil, and dip products.

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