Women hairstyles for curly hair

Hair has its own beauty be it straight, curly or wavy that embraces your personality. Hair is every girl’s pride for which they take utmost care and pamper it. Straight and wavy hair are easy to maintain and style has they do not tangle as much as curly hair. Girl’s with curly hair unquestionably looks beautiful but they comparatively face more issues than the straight hair when it comes to maintaining as well as styling their hair. So, we have come up with some easy to do hair styles that can help all the curly hair ladies out there.

Check out this list of women hairstyles for curly hair

The Roll Bun

For the Roll Bun, you will require few hair pins, rubber bands, a comb and a hairspray. Hold a section of hair in the middle of your head and tie it up. Make a Dutch braid beginning from the corner of one ear and end it up to the other corner, let lose the tied-up middle section hair and braid it. Bundle up the Dutch braid along with the centre braid creating a roll and then pin it up using the hair pins. Ensure using the hairspray, once you’re done pinning the braids.

Messy Curly Hair Updo

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Messy Curly Hair Updo is the ideal choice for evening party’s and romantic dates. All that you will need for this updo is some hair pins, bands, comb and a hair spray. Make a half pony tail with the front section of the hair and pin it up tidily. Divide the excess hair in two equal parts. Take a first section and tie it up with the half pony tail using the hair pins and do the same with the other section of the hair. Once you are done, don’t forget to use the hairspray.

Braided Messy Updo

For Braided Messy Updo, you will need a broad teeth hair comb, few pins and bands, a hairspray. Do a diagonal hair partition on the top of the head and tie it up. Start braiding the other section of hair and constantly add the hair while making the braid so that it comes in a line. Once you reach at the centre of your head, tie it up with the band. Roll up the braid and when you make a low side ponytail do not remove the band completely. Instead make a lose bun of it and use the pins to protect the bun and spray it well.

 This blog is all about some of the attractive women hairstyles for curly hair. To know more about such hairstyles, stay tuned. Thank you for reading.

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