10 Beauty Products for 2022

10 Beauty Products for 2022

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To start out year 2022, I have compiled a wonderful list of beauty products. My top 10 beauty products that you need to have Your Arsenal for 2022, this was extremely difficult for me to Pare down because I feel like by need everything here. Are some game-changing products that you need for 2022. When I say beauty, I mean strictly just like makeup and skincare right now because Hair Care would be a whole different ball game. This is mostly face related beauty products. Just this region here, but here so much right here to kick this off.

10 Beauty Product for 2022


10 Beauty Products for 2022: Lumify

My number one. Most used beauty product is going to be really lackluster. This, this is a game changer. If you use this, you know, it’s a game changer. This is the best thing that is out there and trust me. I have tried. I’m out always really well rested. I don’t always have really bright eyes. But this makes it look like I am. And when I don’t have this on me, I panic I have one in my purse and I have one of my house just in case this the best.

This may be a personal preference, but I truly believe the year 2022 is going to be filled with foundations that are radiant glowy reflecting like finishes gone are the days of mad. Unless you’re somebody who needs a matte foundation. I totally understand but really it seems like that’s the direction. The makeup industry is going for now. And I concur I truly love a nice glowy satin finish Foundation, but in a light layer cake face is kind of out the window. Everyone’s doing a little bit more, natural-looking formulas.

Thin Satin Foundation

10 Beauty Products for 2022: Thin Satin Foundation

So I have, for example, two different foundations, which I feel like are For achieving that thin formula, but also with that satin glowy finish. So Pat McGrath as always has their One Foundation, which is amazing, super super thin formula. I would say medium kind of coverage, but I just love this to mix in with stuff really, really looks very satiny. Very smooth across the skin, it’s actually what I’m wearing now in combination with the new Lawless conceal that Foundation.

So if you want to see these in action, they’re like super watery, very watery, but with pigment looks amazing Across the Skin, very satiny. So I have these two in combo with the Pat McGrath and I just absolutely love the look of a nice satin flowy very thin natural-looking Foundation. If you’ve watched my channel before, you know, I go on and on about the base layer of your skin before you apply foundation. If you don’t like the way your makeup is looking generally is because the base, your skin is not where you want it to be.

BeautyBio Glass and Gloss

10 Beauty Products for 2022: BeautyBio Glass and Gloss

So, in addition to primer, which I swear by, I use a couple things to help me achieve the base that I’m looking for one. Is this game changer from beauty bio. I use this so often. This is the glass and gloss. So it comes in like a little tub like this, that’s interchangeable. So you can do one side which is the exfoliator. Be really, really finely milled almost like a sugar scrub but The real game-changer. Is this pink stuff? This is the gloss. It’s like I don’t even know how to describe it.

You have to kind of see it’s like a sticky texture. Oh it really truly. After I have done like a very light exfoliation makes the skin look so smooth and plump. And dewy before I go in with anything else. I really do truly feel like this is hydrating and smoothing at the same time. It’s absolutely fabulous.

Terry Hydra Palette

10 Beauty Products for 2022: Terry Hydra Palette

2021 was definitely a year of Discovery in terms Zuv concealer. I really have so many concealers. I’ve been on a concealer journey and I’m fairly happy with where I’m at my concealer right now, but I’m even more happy with how I said it. So normally I’m somebody who has extremely dry eyes, which I still have, it’s something I’m working on. Okay, but after I apply my concealer, I like to have a little bit of powder even though I’m driving to sort of set that because it does tend to crease and come off.

Yeah, I got a lot of wrinkles, but what I have found this year has blown my mind. This by Terry palette has been something that I use every single day. Now, I believe they make two different shades of this palette. So the cameras weren’t really doing it justice, but this is a really pale pale pink. There we go. And this is sort of like a banana color. I died with these two shades. Sometimes I mix them. Sometimes. I just use this one, it really is a brightener underneath your eye and it is so finely milled.

What I say to actually does smooth it Smith’s this is called the hyaluronic Hydra powder palette. I think that’s probably why I like it because my under eyes are so dry and it is so hydrating. I even use it in the lines around my mouth and I get those really deep deep lines right there. And I just think its set so beautifully and looks wonderful. Now, if you’re looking for something to really invest in for 2022, and your beauty, T regime makeup regime.


10 Beauty Products for 2022: Brushes

The game-changing thing I think for you would be brushes as boring as that might sound of you love just makeup products. Are the key to getting beautiful makeup? Truly? Yes, there are some techniques and skill involved but a brush can really change how a piece of makeup looks across your skin. I have brought out a few of my favorite ones. Yes, I still keep him in the cases and we’re like that. But these are all my cosmetics brushes, which I think are one of the best kinds of brushes out there.

I use them for bronzers and Foundations. I wanted to show you guys a couple other ones as well. So I talked about this one before, but this Wayne Goss air brush is insanity. I actually think I might get another one. I know that’s crazy. Like, having two of the same brushes, right? I might even get a third one, you know, so I can all use them for different things. I feel like this is something that can be used for literally anything. It is the softest. Of all soft brushes and it is just angled so perfectly.

This is the most beautiful brush for I, but I use the under-eye powder for underneath my eyes sets, it like airbrush for across as a highlight. I use it for. Oh my gosh. This is just the best brush. I’m, I want more so I can use one for like blush and one for bronzer and all kinds of things. It’s just a phenomenal phenomenal brush. And then sometimes a brush could really change up your eyeshadow, and I know,So many brushes that are out there on the market, but in particular I wanted to show these to Scott Barnes brushes. So these are the two brushes that I truly think are amazing.

This guy right here is just Insanity. Look at that angle on that. That is so cool. So I actually felt like this brush is the key to getting that eyeshadow on the outside edge of your eye. If you don’t want to spend forever kind of creating the angle that you want. This just does it for you? You like you literally Pat it here and you can just like angle it up this way. Like it’s like the perfect angle brush to add eyeshadow and it does it automatically for you. It literally takes out minutes for me when sort of blending out my eyeshadow.

So really, really like this brush number 63 and then number 61 is sort of like this fan out brush, but it’s very, very dense. So this one is really great to pack on Sparkle glitter and Tina towards the middle of my eye. I really like how this sort of fans everything out just already fans it out right down the middle. It’s so beautiful. The edges get kind of get into the corners and edges where you really want them. So again, how do you great brushes is going to be a game changer for your beauty and makeup routine in 2022?

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

10 Beauty Products for 2022: Caudalie Beauty Elixir

In addition to this caudalie’s beauty Elixir. There’s something about this product, that literally changes how my skin looks like. If I’m having a breakout or a really dry. I will use this and it will get me right back on track again. It is amazing. And sometimes I use this as a toner, sometimes, I just used it throughout the day as a hydrator. Sometimes I put this over my makeup or even if I’m halfway done with my makeup and I haven’t finished everything.

I’ll put this on just to give myself a little bit hydration before I add in more things. It’s just an all-around wonderful product. It’s smoothing and glowing. It says it even right there on the bottle. It’s just so great, a lot. Okay. I’m actually thinking about doing a whole video on this next top 10 Beauty must haves. So let me know what you think.

Finishing Powders

10 Beauty Products for 2022: Finishing Powders

I am a sucker for and swear by finishing powders. I have probably upwards of 10 or 12 different finishing powders. I think they’re great. I want to do a whole video just on finishing powders because I think they’re amazing. So if you don’t know what a finishing powder is, it’s a powder that you finish with. So,Really, really very light. Also translucent, with usually has a reflective quality inside of it a lot. Like, like The Hourglass ones very finely milled, very light and powdery and you just just across your whole face at the end.

It has sort of gives you like an Illuminating glow. Usually nothing super crazy, just a small titch of like health and also does a little bit of perfecting at the same time. So I use one nearly every day and it gives me a little bit. Bit of like poor Perfection area, sort of smooth the skin out a little bit. And it’s just a really, really, really phenomenal product to use. If you just want to set your whole makeup and your face at the very end of doing it and just give it like a nice little gloss healthy juicy.

Effortless Bronzer and brush

10 Beauty Products for 2022: Effortless Bronzer and Brush

Bronzer brush are huge right now, everybody’s coming out with different formulations of blush and bronzer to sort of make you look, juicy healthy dewy glowy, and it’s quick, easy and very seamless. Those are my favorite types of bronzers. So I brought a few to show you guys that, I think are absolutely worth it money wise, in terms of getting a nice effortless Brahms. So, of course, the less vasia soda tend to from Chanel. It’s pigment encapsulated in gel very, very interesting.

Very cool formulation just looks so glowy and fresh on the skin. There’s just no way to make this really look bad, unless you have the wrong color, but this just looks really fresh and dewy and glowy for like a light makeup day. I really like this as a bronzer. I think everybody at this point will agree that the Charlotte Tilbury Wong’s are fabulous. In particular, the Contour ones are just amazing. I use a brush and it looks like I spent a long time doing my bronzer. Absolutely wonderful game changing product.

Highly recommend, if you’re looking for an effortless Bronze, in addition to this new guy from Iconic London. This is a really amazing new bronzer. The bottom is this like cream here can see which sounds scary at first and it looks really dark like Jessica. That’s too dark for you, but the lens like so click powder. I have described it I know it’s hard to tell because of the lighting, but it’s actually the bronzer that I have on today and I stink in love it.

The top pan is actually a powder and again, looks really dark, but comes across super nice and like airbrush flawless. This is just easy to use very quick bronzer. That just makes you look so glowy and lovely. I’ve been using the junk out of this noblet reasons. Josh, the stuff is amazing, I just mix these two. This is the Cream side and then this is like the bomb sides of clear gel mix those two together with my merit brush, and then just stamp it on. And it just gives you like the loveliest juicy to me flush and it sticks on the cheeks because of that bomb, like texture.

Chanel Sheer Healthy Glow

10 Beauty Products for 2022: Chanel Sheer Healthy Glow

So, in particular, what I think are some I’m really great options. For this is the Chanel less beiges sheer healthy glow. This stuff is stunning. I use this all the time. Sometimes they even mix this in with my makeup or put it on underneath. Just I mean, it just really gives you like this. Gorgeous juicy looking effect Across the Skin without like being actually wet and then vivre Viva skin do is something really worth looking into if you’re looking for that juicy glow a little bit, go such a long way.

I’m like you could use most amount and it’s just this beautiful glass like glow. I love it so much. It’s very easy to put on, very beautiful cross the skin. I still think an ice cream highlight will be very popular as well. I’ve been really loving the Cosmetics. I do this sort of came out without any bang and so I haven’t heard too many people talking about it, but it really does just illuminate the skin very nicely without being like overbearing and crazy, just like a nice healthy, beautiful highlighting glow.

If you’re using a powder highlight, but you still want that glossy effect that everyone sort of going for the Merit highlighting. Bomb is still one of the best out. There is take a little bit on my finger, it comes across the skin quite shear and it just gives you that little extra bit of dewy gloss kind of make yourself look fresh.


10 Beauty Products for 2022: Lashify

So you guys can see in actual real time and give you more of a good idea what I’m actually talking about. But if this is lashify, they are actually these little individual lashes, you can get them in so many different styles and Length, you can stack them, you can do all kinds of great things, but what’s best and amazing about? These is they can actually stay on for multiple days. Once you apply them and they go underneath your lashes, which gives this effect pulling upwards.

Once you place them I do not have them on today. Once you place them Underneath, It almost lifts your eye out a little bit more and they’re little bit more subtle than wearing a full band of eyelashes. And typically those ones kind of make me feel like my eyes are being weighed down by the lashes where this actually makes them feel more open because they’re being lifted up by the lashes themselves. I use them for any kind of special event or if I feel like I just wanted to show up my look that day.

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